29 October, 2008

Catslife Press

Wow! First off, I have to say that I have absolutely no connection with Catslife Press, I'm just a customer who thinks they're fab.

I ordered four stamps from them (including the bottom right on this pic - my favourite of the ones I bought) for only US$26 including postage from the States. And, when they arrived I discovered that they had also included two free stamps, and had also taken the time to choose two that matched the stamps I had bought (i.e. I bought a bird stamp and they included a dictionary definition of 'fly'). The stamps themselves are great and very detailed and stamp beautifully.

They were also really friendly and responsive via email and all in all I am very very impressed!

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Flippinpest said...

Wow thats an absolute bargain. I had a similar experience with an American supplier who threw in a couple of freebies due to delay in delivery because of the hurricane!

Thanks for your help with the gel medium query :-)