09 November, 2008

Handrawn/Handpainted Fantasy

What a week! Have been bringing work home with me everyday and so today was the first time I've had to make anything all week, really.

This is for a handrawn/handpainted fantasy swap on ATCs For All, which is a forum I've discovered recently. Seems a great forum with a lot of very talented people on it - I've sent off envelopes of ATCs to three states in the USA and to Australia, and am so excited waiting for the ATCs to come back!

This is my first attempt at an ATC for the handrawn/handpainted fantasy swap. There will need to be 4 ATCs in the end. I'm not sure whether I like this one or not - any constructive criticism gratefully received!

I used watercoloured pencils, and finished off with some acrylic paint highlights. I was going for a feeling of a dark slightly creepy wood with the unicorn glimmering through the gloom, but it's not come off quite the way I wanted. I used iridescent paint for the unicorn but this hasn't photographed very well at all.

I don't know - will have to think about it a while longer before I decide to enter this one or not. Off to think up some more mythical creatures now - dragons, gryphons, maybe a goblin or two. . .

Oh yes - please also click on my dragon egg! Top right of the blog - if people don't click on him/her it might not hatch and then you'd have a sad Kim to deal with!


Sian said...

This is absolutely fantastic. I love it and I think the colours are beautiful.

(Let me know if you decide not to enter it in the swap, as I'd love to give him a new home!)

I've clicked your dragon egg too - I hope he hatches. I'm now trying to resist the temptation to get one of my own.

My name is CINDY...... said...

I think this is lovely and moody - the trees are fantastic!!

Well I clicked on them, not sure of it helped lol!!