23 January, 2009

Clear Out Required!!

Right! I have decided!

I love doing crafty stuff but I'm also a complete neat freak. I have no seperate crafty room (which would be ideal as I could organise it to within an inch of it's life - I loikes organising things - and I could also shut the door), but no crafty room means the craft stuff has to come out and live on the dining table. This drives me nuts as it's too messy. BUT! I need to get a grip, so it's all coming out this weekend, so there.

I'm running out of room due to the interesting new things I've been buying so I'm going to have a clearout on Saturday (i.e. tomorrow) and get rid of all the stuff I had when I started out that I absolutely know I'm never going to use. Dawn Bibby kits might have seemed the way to go when I'd never head of this whole crafty card making thing before but I don't have the slightest interest in using them now so they'd be better of at the charity shop, I reckon!

The picture is just there because I love illuminated manuscripts and I figured that the post needs a picture!


My name is CINDY...... said...

Way to go. As I've been home from work this week, as a punishment (well you can't enjoy yourself too much when your sick can you) I made myself USE two of the DB kits I've bought to make cards. Must have made about 50 which I will sell and any left will go to the Marie Curied Cancer campaign thingy. I still have a whole kit I have hardly touched though, think I might do some giveaways. My problem is I'm a paper freak. I love pretty paper but then don't ever want to cut it, I just make my own!! But then I do have my own craft room hee hee.


Love the manuscript, so inspiring! Best of luck with more surgery. Boy, the things we have to go through!