16 January, 2009

Handmade Jewellery Box

I actually made this before Christmas - it's my sister's birthday present (her birthday is December 22nd).
It's not a very good photo which is a shame, and it appears I forgot to take a photo of the inside - silly Kimmy!
It's made out of a book, and for once I had no problem butchering a book as this one was a strong contender for the worst book ever written and a waste of trees as it was!
I started by working out how thick I needed the bottom part with the matchbox drawers to be, and placing the matchboxes where I wanted and then drawing around them. I cut the spaces out using a steel ruler and a craft knife and then glued the pages down using bookbinding glue. I got the idea for that from a recent issue of Craft Stamper magazine, although I can't remember which one (might have been November 2008) and to be honest I'm too lazy to get up and look!
I then glued a few pages down over it before measuring out the space inside for the 'box' part. I cut out the centres of the pages and then glued them all together again, so there was a well in the middle that creates a box when you close the 'lid' (otherwise known as a front cover). I then painted it with layers and layers of gold paint. I stamped into the wet paint for a damask texture but that hasn't shown at all in the photo!
I used jewels and glitter and mesh to decorate the top, and made decorative tiles using memory glass. It's a technique I saw on Tim Holtz's blog (I think - something Tim Holtz anyway!). I made an image using stamped images decorated with glitter glued onto patterned paper and then covered the back of a peice of memory glass with Glossy Accents and pressed it onto the collage and wiggled it a bit to get the bubbles out. Once it's dry you can cut the tile out of the backing, and glue onto the jewellery box.
The drawers are matchboxes (I glued the outside of the matchbox into the book during the construction part of it) where I have painted them gold. I also used copper tape around the edges to prevent wear. I punched holes in the front of the drawers and set eyelets into them and then made ribbon pulls by folding a ribbon and poking it through the back. I pinned a little gold mini safety pin through the folded bit of ribbon inside the drawer which holds it and stops it pulling through.
I did decorate the inside of the box as well with stamping etc on the lid, and an metal/mesh/messy ATC I had that I never got round to sending (sorry Sian! Although the unicorn is unsent if you still want him?????).
Think that's it!
It was my first go at altering a book so I'm quite pleased with it. My sister loved it so that's the part that matters! I did put little bits of jewellery making stuff in it too, so she didn't just get tat (to steal a phrase) for her birthday!
EDIT: I don't know what's going on with Blogger but it seems to be eating my carriage returns. I have actually written this in paragraphs but for some reason it swallows them after I click 'Publish Post'. Grrrr.


June said...

Gorgeous work. I love the jewellery box and can see why you are moving on from Dawn Bibby .. I did the same thing lol .. sort of started with cards then moved on to altered arts and mixed media. i still make cards but soooo differently
Hugs June x

My name is CINDY...... said...

This is lovely Kim, and a project I have been meaning to do for sooo long.

Mmm, how about a challenge when you are ready to do another one?

sassy said...

what a fantastic project im sure your sis was overwhelemed...i would havebeen...and all that work my...you have stamina...x

DF - Heidi said...

cool box - now have to make all the jewellery to fill it up

Carolands said...

This is so nice and I am glad I've seen it. I too have that issue of Craft Stamper and my husband even gave me two books to carve up, which is a big thing for him as he loves his books. I am now inspired to make one now :)