28 January, 2009

Surgery Again

Well, turns out I need to have my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) replacement surgery re-done.

It turns out that a combination of the first surgery being done badly and woefully inadequate NHS physio afterwards means that the knee is rubbish. They drill holes through the bones top and bottom of the joint to feed the new ligament through. Unfortunately the surgeon who did the job drilled the lower tunnels too far back which means that the ligament is too loose and the joint is therefore loose as well. I turn, this means that the loose ligament moves about in the tunnel and makes it wider and so the problem compounds itself.

The revision surgery is even more of a bugger than the first one, as it may be that it can't all be done in one go. If there is no room to have another tunnel drilled I will need a bone graft from my hip and have to wait 6 months before being able to do the other part of the surgery. As it is, I will lose the hamstring ligaments (which is what they use in place of the knee ligament) from my left leg as well as they've already used the one from my right leg.

I'll need four to six weeks off work and months of physio.

At least it's covered by the PMI insurance at work so I can have private treatment.

I'm feeling very sorry for myself just now.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Oh Kim I am soo sorry to hear this, you must be feeling very down. I have a close friend who has had constant knee and feet problems over the last 10 years (including poor surgery) and I do understand what a trial it is and what a fag the recovery can be. Sending you a big hug hunny.

justagirl said...


I read on Kelly Rae's comments that you grew up in New Zealand... same here!!! although I grew up and am still here. Where about were you from? I am sorry to hear about needing more surgery. Hope it all goes well.


DF - Heidi said...

kim i am sorry thats a total bummer nowt i can say to make it feel any better - but sending you a hug - one day at a time

Carolands said...

I sympathise with you, I have feet problems so I know what a bore it can be sitting around "resting" for weeks after an operation. Good job for the Internet, books and if you are able, surround yourself with some craft projects.

Stephen Hall said...

Hi Kim. Came over here from Andrea Josephs site and marvel in the wonder of such fab choice of colour and design and stuff on your site! Love it!You use colour so well. Sorry to hear you are having to recover from surgery and hope it is a speedy one. Keep well!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Kim, thank you so much for the lovely coment that I just found on my blog.

I myself, only started drawing again about three years ago. Serioulsy drawing, that is. It was when I found a fellow bloggers drawing blog (the very brilliant Suzanne Buchanan, who you can find on my blogroll, incase you've never come across her stupendously fab blog before). There is nothing more wonderful than hearing that you've inspired somebody. As, Suzanne did me (I don't think this sentence makes any sense?).

Anyway, as I said, I started to draw seriously a two or three years ago, when I started my blog. I can't even begin to tell you how much it has changed my whole life. Really. It may sound dramatic but it's true. I drew and drew as a kid and then somehow I forgot about drawing. Rediscovering it has been the best thing, ever.

Thank you again, I hope you will recover from your surgery quickly. And, I guess, if nothing else it'll give you some time to draw.

Lots of love, Andrea.

Rick said...

Just happened to be surfing by. It all sounds bad. It always takes more effort to fix a mistake than to do it properly the first time. Good luck.

Rachel said...

Kim so sorry to hear that! I would be bummed too! My friend had ACL surgery when I lived in Chicago and it was tough, but she is back up and doing well now. I hope it all goes well this time for you!! Hang in there!