06 September, 2009

I Made Something!

Well! I made something. 'Thing' being the operative syllable, but at least it was fun!

Influenced by both Kelly Rae Roberts and an article in the latest Somerset Studio. It's made of lots and lots of layers of paints and charcoal and stencils and inks and image transfers (that don't show up in the photo), as well as painted and stamped bamboo tiles stitched onto the canvas. I then added the metal embelishment using (I think) a PaperArtsy stamp?

It's less orangey when seen in the flesh - it hasn't photoed well.

Knee slowly getting there - good collection of scars I have going now. I miss wearing heels but only a couple more months to go. Flat shoes are evil and have given me more blisters that I would have thought possible.

Oh yes, and starting new job in a couple of weeks. Goodbye Croydon and helloooo Westminster! Much better.


Karen Cole said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks so much for stopping by......and you do have a wonderful world here. You "thing" looks great.......and that illuminated manuscript is a beautiful thing to have......hope your knee repairs go well. I had my meniscus repaired last Oct. It's still on the mend.

My sewing machine is an old ratty one from Sears. No tricks. Just try it. Regular needle.

Debrina said...

Well, hello! How cool is that, that you lived in Wanga's! When were you there? It's been in the news recently. Two things in particular: the gang patches have been outlawed and the town is in an uproar because the National Geographic Board deemed that Wanganui should be spelt Whanganui.

Lovin' your ATCs and what you're getting up to here. What are you doing in the Great Land of Bangers and Mash?

My name is CINDY...... said...

Well hello you!! Must have missed this one! Good to see you crafting and to hear that your recuperation is progressing. I love your 'Thing' - and I always like that stamp although I haven't got it. Thanks fort dropping by my blog, it's good to hear from you - Just got the Kelly Rae Roberts book myself so have been having fun with all those layers and stuff too.

Dezinaworld said...

Simply stunning design and work on this cover. I love art like this and will be back to see more
Hugs June x

Sian said...

This is fantastic. I love the combination of colours.

I hope your knee's soon fully recovered so you can ditch the evil shoes!

Nicks said...

Gosh, your 'thing' is awesome!!
I too love kelly and her work,
thansk for your comment on my blog, re the metal I stitched, Its an ordinary machie and I used the Ten Seconds Studio metal, went through fine, wouldn't want to put anything thicker through though